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IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
Grupo Aníbal Blanco

Corporate Quality Policy



ANÍBAL METALMECÁNICA GALLEGA, S.L. (hereinafter, AMG) is a young, dynamic and highly qualified company, specialized in cutting; conformed; machining and transformation of metal parts for the automotive sector.

AMG’s Management promotes the maintenance and continuous improvement of the management and performance of an Automotive Quality Management System (SGCA) based on the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 Standards putting into play the resources it considers necessary to strengthen these bases and the achievement of objectives, as well as for the prevention of pollution. The guidelines that emanate from this Policy can be summarized in the following basic principles:

  • The satisfaction of our clients.
  • The professionalism and qualification of the people who make up AMG.
  • The incorporation of new technologies.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Working in a systematic way, understanding a way of working established and known to all, regardless of the people who work at any given time.
  • Quality management since we work to comply with the requirements and needs of the client and with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Environmental management; since we are committed to protecting the environment, including the prevention of pollution, compliance with applicable environmental legislation and regulations and with other requirements such as: sustainable use of resources, proper waste management, control of emissions atmospheric and discharges, etc.
  • The management of health and safety at work; since we are committed to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases, and to compliance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.
  • The existence of an anti-corruption / bribery policy, applicable to all employees, as well as to all interested parties, understood as clients, suppliers, subcontractors and, in general, to all those with whom a commercial action is directly or indirectly established. The purpose of this policy is to always act honestly, ethically and transparently in the way we conduct our business, acting with a philosophy of zero tolerance for acts that contravene all of our principles, prohibiting bribery and corruption in all our business activities.

These principles are the frame of reference for the establishment of our objectives and goals:

  • Permanent improvement of the quality of our products. We work according to the philosophy of “ZERO DEFECTS” planning quality management, the environment and the prevention of occupational hazards, systematizing processes and methodologies of action.
  • Customers are our reason for being, so we must know them, detect their needs and satisfy them, through direct contact that allows us to evaluate their perception of our products and thus be able to continuously improve them.
  • Encourage internal communication in order to promote a participatory environment among our workers and involve them in achieving the objectives.
  • Promote training at all levels in order to have trained, professional and collaborative personnel.
  • Strengthen relationships with our suppliers to achieve mutually beneficial collaboration.
  • We involve our suppliers and other interested parties as part of our chain, just as we are part of ou customers.
  • We establish our Code of Ethics in relationships between colleagues and with our suppliers, clients and other interested parties.
  • Protect the environment and our surroundings, through actions and measures aimed at preventing any type of alteration that could originate from our activities.

The AMG Corporate Policy is disseminated to all staff through training seminars, as well as by posting it on the AMG notice board, and on the corporate website. In this way, Management ensures that AMG’s Corporate Policy is understood by all company personnel and other interested parties.

Aníbal Blanco Vila

AMG Manager