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Ninety measures will promote business competitiveness

In an institutional visit to the companies Ammi Technologies and Amg-Anibal Metalmecánica Gallega to present the main guidelines of the plan, Rueda said that the grants will be allocated both to new ‘emerging sectors of the inland’, among which he mentioned wine tourism, forestry, organic farming, information and renewable technologies, as well as traditional sectors of wood and slate, having to be, these last ones, reinvented and modernized.

The main guidelines of the new plan are included in 90 concrete measures that, according to Rueda, will «guarantee the economic growth of the province, mobilization of assets and true convergence with the economy of the Atlantic coast.» The transitory positive discrimination measures implemented by the Regional Executive during the past months under the Ourense Impulse Plan ‘will also be maintained’ to continue with the ‘process of consolidation and creation of jobs’, as well as with the’ dynamization of the provincial productive framework ‘, as Rueda indicated.

The Counselor of the Presidency took advantage of his stay to hold a follow-up meeting of the Impulsa Ourense Plan, in which the director of Igape, Joaquin Varela and the delegate of the Xunta, Rogelio Martínez, participated.

Source: La Región